maanantaina, lokakuuta 08, 2007

We want to hear from you. Yeah, right...

Remember the good old times when the only way to get your voice heard by other people was to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper? Of course, the editor might not publish it, but perhaps he read it.

Then the Internet came. Everyone and everything was on it. Everyone had an email address. Newspapers had them. Some newspapers had separate addresses for every section of the paper printed at the top of every page.

Then there were newsgroups, bulletin boards and finally, social networks.

Communication is the big thing. Call us, email us, send us the phonecam pic you snapped of the upside-down car on your way to work. Tell us what you think! Help us make this site better!

Usually you have nothing to say. Sometimes you have something to say but you're busy or just can't be bothered.

And then there are the times when you really feel you have something you want to share.

You click that link.

"You need to register before you can post comments." Grrr... do I look like I need another login/password to keep track of? Well, ok, just this once.

You fill in the form, click the next-button... and they slap you with a captcha.

Ok, these guys are paranoid. You type in what the barely readable picture says.

And it tells you you got it wrong. Ok, perhaps my fingers slipped. Let's try again.

Wrong again! There's no way my motor functions are this bad. I need to complain to them and tell them they are making it too difficult to contribute and their captcha is not working. Now how do I contact them? Searching the page .... finds link called Contact Us. This looks good. Clicking... New page loading.... with ANOTHER CAPTCHA!

That does it. It is past midnight and I finally get the message: whatever it was I wanted to say was not that important and by now I have already forgotten what it was.

Good night.

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