sunnuntaina, lokakuuta 28, 2007

Leopard second impressions

Safari version 3 is much better than version 1 in old Panther. Even some Google services work with it. I made it my default browser instead of Firefox.

Mail told me it needs to import my existing emails. Importing about 3000 messages took couple of minutes and then Mail worked with no problems.

I set up iChat with my Google Talk account. (Panther's iChat only supported AIM accounts.) No problems there either.

I turned Coverflow on in Finder and started to browse thru my Applications folder to throw away old apps I did not need. E.g. I removed Internet Explorer.

I did not notice any new games in there. 

Spaces was disabled by default. I enabled it. I had not realized how great it is to get more screen real estate, even when it is only virtual.

I enabled Time Machine. You need to tell it on which disk to put the backups. My external disc had 10 GB free. Time Machine immediately started to make a backup and told me it could not fit the 60+ GB on that volume. I removed a bunch of old TV recordings and now Time Machine has a small status window floating on my screen where I can follow the progress of the backup.

Even though "man crontab" says the cron functionality has been taken over by launchd, cron is still running and executing tasks from /etc/crontab. (I wonder if it should be?)

I removed my old Carbon Copy Cloner backup task from /etc/crontab.

Apparently Leopard also executes all old startup items from /Library/Startup. I had an old-style startup script that runs throttled. Killed that and removed the startup item. (OS X newer than Panther should have QoS built into the kernel.)

The firewall settings have moved. They are no longer under Sharing in System Prefs. Now they are under Security. It would appear that no matter which firewall setting I choose, "ipfw list" always prints just one line: "allow ip from any to any". I hope this does not mean the firewall is always disabled.

That's all for now... I should get some sleep.

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